Landlords: To Allow Pets or Not


Letting your property to tenants with pets can be a decision that comes with both advantages and potential challenges. But with 51 million pets in the UK, it is a serious consideration for Landlords, to allow pets or not...



Here are some considerations to keep in mind if you're thinking about allowing tenants with pets:


  1. Expanded Tenant Pool: Allowing pets broadens your potential tenant pool. Many renters have pets, and by accepting them, you may attract more applicants.

  2. Longer Tenure: Pet owners often stay in a rental property longer because it can be challenging to find pet-friendly housing. This could result in more stable, longer-term tenants.


  1. Potential Property Damage: Pets can cause damage to a property, such as scratching, chewing, or accidents.

  2. Insurance Implications: Check with your insurance company about coverage for damages caused by pets. Some policies may have restrictions or exclusions related to certain types of pets.


Here at Love Homes we clearly discuss with tenants and pet related terms of the tenancy including type and number of pets. We also ensure that the property is being well maintained in relation to the pets and address any pet related issues promptly from our regular inspections. We also encourage a meeting of the pets before the tenancy - well - behaved and well-cared for pets are less likely to cause problems. 

We also request our own 'pet passport' to be completed by tenants with pets, these are useful in providing an insight into the pets routine i.e is this a dog that is going to be left at home alone for long hours, possibly leading to the destruction of property or does the tenant work from home or have the dog in a day care or pet walking service?

It also covers information on the pets veterinarian and medical history detailing that the pet is up to date with vaccinations and flea treatments etc. 

Finally we would also recommend a full in depth check in and check out inventory  -they are crucial for preventing deposit disputes.They will include descriptions of the property's condition in addition to dated photographs when recording the condition of each room, and whether the property was professionally cleaned. Descriptions of paintwork, flooring, carpets, doors, curtains, and skirting boards are included to document common pet problem areas.


If you are considering letting your property and allowing pets contact our Lettings Manager Leeann -

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