Preparing your home for Marketing Photos


When buyers are looking at properties online or in estate agent’s particulars, they make their minds up in seconds.

That’s why having the very best photographs of your home is so important. Get the photos right and it could mean higher offers and a quicker sale. Why? Well, because first impressions count.


Tips for staging outside spaces:

Mow the lawn, tidy away broken plant pots, fallen leaves, weeds and children's toys. If you have garden furniture, make sure it's clean and straight. Garden umbrellas should be left opened. If you have a swimming pool or hot tub, remove the cover and any pool extras such as toys, rubber rings or slides. Move cars off the drive and refuse bins out of view. It is also a good idea to clear any washing on the washing line and if rotary washing lines are put down.



Tips for preparing inside spaces:

 The most important thing you can do is de-clutter! Sideboards, kitchen counters and dressing tables should all be neat and tidy, the less clutter the better, hide as much as you can in cupboards and drawers! Give your house a deep clean, not only will this help make the photographs look neater, it will mean one less thing to worry about when your viewers arrive!

A clean house makes your house look well looked after making it more attractive to prospective buyers. It shows buyers that you value your home and that you want the best price for it. Leave the keys for doors and windows available so so they can be opened if necessary, this allows the photographer as much flexibility as possible to get the angles that are best. 



Throughout the House

  • Moving furniture around may help to make a room look more spacious
  • Make sure your home is well lit, and replace any light bulbs that have gone out
  • Open all curtains and blinds
  • Fresh flowers help to breathe life into a property


  • Clear all work tops and make sure there are no tea towels or chopping boards on show

  • Move bins out of sight

  • Clear away appliances

  • Close all cupboards - consider repairing any chips and fixing any broken handles

  • Hide all fridge magnets

  • Clear the sink (no dirty dishes!)

  • If you have pets, hide their food bowls and beds

  • A full, fresh fruit bowl can add a flash of colour


Reception rooms

  • Remove scruffy throws from sofas

  • Arrange cushions to look smart and tidy

  • Set dining room tables

  • Remove rugs, especially where you have wooden or tiled floors

  • Any children’s toys or piles of magazines, DVDs etc should be out of sight


  • Make the bed and choose bed clothes that compliment the room

  • Anything stored under the bed should be completely out of sight

  • All drawers and wardrobe doors should be shut



  • Keep the toilet lid down

  • Remove clutter like shower gels and tooth brushes

  • Close the shower curtain

  • Remove toilet paper from its holder

  • Any towels should be neatly arranged and folded, and chosen to compliment the room

 If you want help with staging your property for photos and you would like to talk to us, please don't hesitate to contact our team, as our client we are here to work with you through the whole process. You can always ask the valuer for tips when they visit your property or visit us for an informal chat and coffee in our High street property lounge at 16a High Street Garstang. 

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